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Sentry Eagle 2017 Videos

During Sentry Eagle 2017, we had the opportunity to interview Col. Jeff Smith to answer questions about Sentry Eagle and benefits of dissimilar air combat. Special thanks goes to MSgt. Jennifer D. Shirar and all the men and women of the 173rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs office for making this possible. I'd also like to thank Col. Jeff Smith for taking the time to answer questions from the media.

On July 21, 2017 we took a ride with the 116th Air Refueling Squadron for Sentry Eagle 2017. During the flight 4 F-16s from the 149th Fighter Wing, and 4 F-16s from the 162nd Fighter Wing refueled from our KC-135 Stratotanker.

This is footage of F-15s from the 173rd Fighter Wing during Sentry Eagle 2017 at Kingsley Field. These F-15s are the local ones based at Kingsley Field, and also included are clips of the base commander's Screamin Eagle F-15.

US Navy TAC DEMO from VFA-106 Gladiators at Kingsley Field during Sentry Eagle 2017.

This is footage of Air National Guard F-15s from the 194th Fighter Squadron from Fresno, CA during Sentry Eagle 2017 at Kingsley Field.